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The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor

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The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor is the ideal solution for those who want a fully suspended Sprung Dance Sub- Floor (also called floating floors or suspended floors). The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-floor can be installed anywhere hardwood would be considered. Because the finished height of the Muiti-Flex Dance Floor is only 1 1/8 inches (not
 including the vinyl covering of your choice) it makes an excellent choice for a brand new facility or refurbishing an existing building. This makes it an excellent choice for any facility, new or existing, such as:

  • Dance studios
  • Performing arts spaces
  • Sports, park, and recreation centers
  • Aerobics, Pilates, and yoga studios
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools, and universities
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Your own personal residence

The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor is a sub-floor only. After installation the top surface is finished smooth ready for complete coverage with a vinyl dance surface (Marley) of your choice. Some people have used their own species of wood to cover the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor. Generally vinyl dance surfaces are preferred. Remember the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor is a smooth finished surface sub-floor only, you cannot practice or perform on this surface without there being a finished surface or a performance vinyl surface for the finished surface.


The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor is a high performance Sprung Sub-flooring system which provides progressive shock absorption yet withstands heavy loads, due to the special built-in foam under the board structure. The boards come with specially designed Evazote 50 foam strips attached to the full length of the bottom of the boards. Evazote 50 foam strips are closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam. Evazote 50 foam are tough foams that are strong and more resilient. Evazote Foams are used in the construction industry and are widely used in a range of sports applications.
The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor design provides even suspension on all points of the floor. This means you won’t find hard or soft spots on #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor. It has been tested with 45,000 test loadings without loss of it’s elastic characteristics and the tongue/groove connection in the floor has been stressed 100,000 times without damage. In short, it’s designed to last.

The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-floor has been tested by DIN 18032 Section 2 test for dance/sports floors and was approved by the SINTEF (formerly the Norwegian Building Research Institute.) Norwegian Building Research Institute. DIN standards test the shock absorption, resilience, surface friction, surface stability, and impact isolation, to help prevent injures such as shin splits, stress fractures, back problems, twisted ankles, foot rollovers, muscle strains etc. To learn more about DIN standards, click here.


The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor installs quickly and easily. Boards are 5 7/16’’ wide tongue and groove, 1 1/8’’ thick, 7 ft long and weigh 3 lbs per sq. ft. Boards are made out of a composite of Birch plywood. Simply glue (also included) the boards to each other, there is no nailing, and the Sprung Sub-floor is finished.

Special Note: When installing the The #800 MultiFlex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor, the tongue and grove boards fit together very snug. Just a small amount of glue between the board is required. Remember more is not better. If too much glue is applied, you will float the joint and glue will come out the seams. If any glue comes out onto the finished surface remove immediately, do not allow to dry on the finished surface.

When the boards are glued together they form a smooth, undetectable joint making a totally smooth, flat surface ready for you to roll out your Marley vinyl dance floor surface. Because the boards are glued instead of nailed or screwed, you won’t feel any nails or screw heads or holes through the Marley vinyl dance floor surface.

Please refer to the installation guide for information on moisture content, going over concrete and placement of the first boards with expansion gap.

After installation of the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor is complete you are ready to apply the Marley vinyl dance floor covering of your choice. Marley vinyl dance floor surfaces can be temporary. A temporary installation means the vinyl surface flooring is rolled out onto the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Flooring. All seams and edges of the vinyl surface flooring would then be top-taped with a vinyl dance floor tape.

Another type of temporary installation for the vinyl dance floor surface, would to use double faced adhesive vinyl dance floor tape. This type of tape would go on the wrong side of the vinyl surface and then stick directly to the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor.

Permanent installation of Marley vinyl dance floor surface can also be done on top of the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor. Flooring companies can glue down the Marley vinyl dance surface and heat weld the seams. One important piece of information: if the vinyl surface is going to be glued down and then heat welded, the glue and heat welding rod will need to be purchased from the company that will be providing the Marley surface vinyl. Click here for more information.

Before you start to roll out any vinyl performance surface, make sure the #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor after installation is clean. Do not allow any scattered pieces of waste such as dust, dirt or sheet rock sanding to be left on the floor. If any type of debris is left on the sub-floor and not cleaned up, it will telegraph through the vinyl dance surface and make it look lumpy or bumpy and could cause a hazardous surface performers could trip on.

Dance Equipment International wants to use our experience and knowledge in helping you make your decision for the proper Sprung Flooring choices. Dance Equipment International’s friendly knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist you with information, quotes, and technical support to make buying the right dance equipment easy and stress free.
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