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The #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Dance Floor System

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Portable Dance Floor
November 8, 2019
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portable dance floor mat children
Portable Dance Floor
November 8, 2019
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The #850 Maple-Flex Dance Floor
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The #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Sprung Dance floor system is for all forms of dance, aerobics, Pilates, and yoga. It can be installed in sports centers, schools, churches, theaters, performance stages, multi-purpose rooms, physical therapy facilities, park and recreation centers, or in your own personal residence.

The #500 Springflex Hardwood floor system provides the highest technical expertise in design to supply optical high-quality performing standards for sprung hardwood floors.

Shock Absorption

One of the key design features of the #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Dance floor system is its progressive shock absorbing floor. It is DIN standard certified to provide progressive shock absorption, comfort, resilience and support, for high level performance.

DIN standards are how manufacturers test the engineering of sprung floors, floating floors, or suspended floors. DIN standards test the floors for shock absorption, resilience, surface friction, surface stability, and impact isolation. Having the proper shock absorbing dance floor helps reduce injuries, such as shin splits, stress fractures, back strains, twisted ankles, foot rollovers, muscle strains etc.  The proper shock absorbing flooring will allow you to perform at your highest level. See the DIN standards for the #500 Elite Springflex floor.

Factory Finish

The #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Dance floor system is a solid pre-finished Beech Wood surface. The factory finish is multi coated polyurethane finish providing medium slip resilience, perfect for dance or any stage performance. This pre-finished surface offers one of the thickest wear surfaces available.

The solid wood construction of the #500 Elite Springflex Sprung Dance flooring can be sanded, refinished or re-screened time and time again, thus protecting your investment for many years.

Each hardwood board of the #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Sprung Dance floor system is 5″ tongue and groove, 7/8″ thick, 6′ length and weighs 3.2 lbs. per square foot. Color is Harmony Natural Beech.


Since the floor is completely pre-finished and 100% free floating construction with no nailing, installation is simple. Typical installations take less than two days with the “Quick Clip” system, with no fumes or odors to disrupt the operation of your facility. The floor is available for use immediately after the installation.

“Quick Clip” System

The tongue and grove planked boards are held together with a “Quick Clip” system and foam underlayment. The “Quick Clip” system was engineered to provide a simple yet effective method of installing #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Dance flooring over any solid level sub-floor. The foam comes in 3/8″ or 3/4″ thickness.

Since the #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Sprung Dance flooring system is held together with a “quick clip” system, it is removable and can be relocated.

Please refer to the installation guide for information on moisture content, going over concrete and placement of the first boards with expansion gap. Click here for the specification guide and click here for the installation guide.


If you choose to perform on a “Marley” vinyl dance surface, the #500 Elite Springflex hardwood sprung dance floors provides the proper sprung flooring for under the “Marley” vinyl dance surface.  Some facilities will use the space for different types of dance so having a finished #500 Elite Springflex hardwood sprung dance floor provides the proper finished sprung wood floor. Having a finished wood sprung floors are a nice option under the different kinds of vinyl, because when the vinyl dance flooring is rolled up and stored, there is a finished wood floor underneath. For schools and multi-purpose rooms that are needed for other venues, making the space multi-functional for different activities can be very important.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning on the #500 Elite Springflex Hardwood Dance floor system is necessary to help maintain function and beauty. How often you clean the flooring will mostly depend on the amount of usage. Keeping the wood sprung dance flooring free of dirt, dust, oils and debris is obviously most important to help people prevent against injuries, such as falling, slipping, losing traction etc.  Depending on the traffic of the facilities this may need to be done daily, 2-3 times a week, or once a week.

Regular maintenance should include sweeping, using a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. This will keep the dust and dirt down to a minimal. Oils from bodies and sweat cannot always be seen on the wooden floor surfaces but are present.

To clean the floor, Bona Kemi hardwood floor cleaner is Dance Equipment International’s recommendation. Simply spray the dust mop head with the cleaner and wipe the entire floor surface. If you decide to directly spray onto the floor, use only a light mist and dry it immediately with a dry mop.

Water should never be used to clean the flooring.  If you use a janitorial service, make sure they are aware of the correct way and products to use on the wood flooring. Never allow liquid to sit on the wood flooring.  If any liquid goes down into the seams, it is not good on any wooden floors or the sub floor underneath.

If you choose a different hardwood floor cleaner make sure it contains no wax or oil soap. These products will trap dirt and grime and eventually leave your hardwood floor dull in appearance, slippery or too sticky. Wax build up will also make the re-coating of your floor more difficult.

Again, never use wax or water in cleaning hardwood flooring.

Dance Equipment International wants to use our experience and knowledge in helping you make your decision for the proper Sprung Flooring choices. Dance Equipment International’s friendly knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist you with information, quotes, and technical support to make buying the right dance equipment easy and stress free. Increasing discounts are available for purchases of larger quantities.

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