AAI-Athletic Mats

Made in 2' foot panels, folds in 2' foot sections, 1 3/8" Cross-Link filler, covered with 18 oz. vinyl laminated polyester fabric. Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents, and is easily cleaned using mild soap and water. Meets National Fire Protection Standard 701. Designed for general physical education, wall padding, tumbling, or basic mat. V2 has velcro on each end of the mat, V4 has velcro on all four sides of the mat. Available in solid blue.
Style # W x L VelcroRetail Price Your Price
#476-240EM-1.4-24' x 6' V2 (2 ends) $309.95$294.00
#476-242EM-1.4-24' x 8' V2 (2 ends) $405.00$364.00
#476-244EM-1.4-25' x 10' V2 (2 ends) $569.00$512.00
#476-241EM-1.4-24' x 6' V4 (4 sides) $338.95$321.00
#476-243EM-1.4-24' x 8' V4 (4 sides) $435.00$405.00
#476-245EM-1.4-25' x 10' V4 (4 sides) $583.00$552.00