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All You Want to Know About Ballet Barres

#800 sub floor
The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor
May 17, 2021
#800 sub floor
The #800 Multi-Flex Dance Sprung Sub-Floor
May 17, 2021

Ballet barres are of vital importance in dance studies. Ballet barres are a necessity no matter what style of dance you do. You can perform different barre exercises that help to improve flexibility and develop the strength and endurance that are critically important to all dance disciplines.

Wall Mounted Ballet Barres or Freestanding Portable Ballet Barres for Your Dance Studio

The choice between freestanding portable ballet barres and wall mounted ballet barres depends on what you need for your dance programs.

Free Standing Portable Ballet Barre

Freestanding portable ballet barres can be placed anywhere in the dance program area if you need an extra barre to accommodate more students. Our free standing portable ballet barres are adjustable in height by 14” inches. Dance Equipment International carries both single sided and double sided freestanding portable ballet barres.

Wall Mounted Ballet Barre

Wall mounted ballet barres, if properly assembled and installed, are very stable. The appearance of ballet barres mounted on a wall in a dance studio creates a professional look. Wall mounted ballet barres are a one time installation and your best choice for long term use. Installation should be by a professional contractor if you are not experienced with this type of work.


For wall mounted ballet barres you will want to measure your studio space and buy the appropriate size of barres. If the wall that you are installing the barres on does not have studs to drill into, you may need to use heavy duty wall anchors for added stability when mounting your barres and brackets. Our standard option wall mounted ballet barres come with fixed chrome brackets or adjustable chrome brackets with poplar wood. Custom barres can be made with maple wood or oak wood. All wood is sanded smooth and unfinished and pre-drilled for the bracket mounting. The adjustable single or adjustable double wall mount ballet barres have 14” inches in adjustable height. In most installations ballet barres are put on the opposite wall of the mirrored walls.

Most dance programs have both children and adults using the ballet barres. We suggest that for a single wall mount ballet barre height for children to be 32”-34” inches from the floor. Our suggested height for adults should be approximately 42” to 46” inches from the floor. If you are doing a double wall mount ballet barre we suggest the lower barre be 32” to 34” inches from the floor and upper barre 42” to 46” inches from the floor. For more details, click “Specification” under each type of barre for details.


All poplar, maple and oak wood barres come sanded smooth and unfinished. Dance Equipment International does not recommend any staining or varnish to any wood. The staining and varnish could make the barre wood sticky to touch. Over a period of time the natural oils from the hands will gradually build up on woods. To clean just take very fine finishing sandpaper and sand over the oil built up areas. In between sanding, to sanitize the barre, lightly use a sanitize wipe, just be careful not to saturate the wood.

Dance Equipment International carries fixed wall mount ballet barres, adjustable single and adjustable double wall mount ballet barres, and single sided and double sided portable freestanding portable ballet barres. Dance Equipment International consultants are ready to assist you with information, quotes and technical support in purchasing Ballet Barres.

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