Mirrorlite horizontal rolling glassless mirror stand assembly

Horizontal Rolling Mirror Specification


Mirrorlite ™ Horizontal Mirror Rolling Stand Assembly

Keep the clear plastic sheet over the mirror face to help protect it while mounting the bases.
  1. Open 'X' Brace and secure ends to nuts on 'T' Bars using the 4 Hex bolts provided.  Put Hex Bolts in all the way but only finger tight to allow adjustment when attaching Bumper Guard.
  2. Attach Bumper Guard to tabs in 'T' Bars using the 4 Countersink Bolts provided.  Place rounded corner of Bumper Guard away from vertical square tube of 'T' Bar.  Tighten these Countersink Bolts completely with a #2 Phillips-head screwdriver.
  3. Now tighten the 4 Hex Bolts with a 9/16" wrench.
  4. Have a helper hold Mirror Panel centered on base.  Side edges of mirror frame should be centered and flush with side vertical edges of the 'T' Bar.  Drill drive four 1 1/2" Self-drilling Screws through the holes in vertical square tube of 'T' Bar and Mirror Panel's aluminum frame.  Tighten screws up to the point where sponge pads on 'T' Bar begin to slightly compress.  Do not press excessively on mirror surface.  Be careful not to over tighten screws to avoid stripping.
  5. Plastic protective cover may now be removed from Mirror Panel.
  6. Drill drive three 3/4" Self-drilling Screws through the holes in bottom of Bumper Guard, securing the Bumper Guard to the bottom of Mirror Panel frame.  Do not over-tighten screws.