Wall Mounted Fixed Ballet Barre Bracket Specifications

wall mount ballet barre specifications

These Fixed Ballet Barre Brackets are very sturdy and weigh 1lb. each. The brackets have a very nice chrome finish. They come with #10 x 2" flat head screws.
Spacing for Brackets
4' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 32" apart
6' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 48" apart
8' Barre: 2 brackets spaced 64" apart
10' Barre: 2 brackets, spaced 80" apart
14' Barre: 3 brackets, one in center with 64" space on each side
16' Barre: 3 brackets, one in center with 80" space on each side

Suggested Barre Heights
Single Barre: 32"-46" from floor (waist level)
Double Barres: 32"-34" lower barre, 42"-46" higher barre (from floor)

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